[Dixielandjazz] Taps for John Best

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My deepest condolences, Patrick.  Please change your last line to "Think a
kind thought and know that a GREAT lead trumpet has arrived in  heaven!"

Dick Broadie,   Palm Springs, Ca

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> My father in law, John Best, passed away on September 19, 2003
> at 10AM at his home in La Jolla, CA.  As many of you may know,
> John played with the great bands of Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller and
> many others.  His wife, MaryLou, passed away while on tour with
> John in Tasmania, Australia about 5 years ago.
> In addition to many notes, recordings, and memories, John's estate
> includes Loren "Red" Nichols' cornet, Glenn Miller's golf clubs
> (persimmons!), countless photos and letters from people like Miller,
> Shaw, Billie Holiday, Satchamo, etc.
> Think a kind thought and know that a lead trumpet has arrived in
> heaven.
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