[Dixielandjazz] Cakewalk playback problem

John Farrell stridepiano at tesco.net
Tue Sep 16 19:43:32 PDT 2003

I shall be honoured Bill - but please no waltzes, 6/8, polkas, or anything
in F#m. I still remember playing Dr. Jazz in F (!!!) with CB7 on your last
tour here - if I had my way all tunes would be played in that most sensible
of keys.

John Farrell

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> Hi All,
> John Farrell wrote:
> >I shall be doing my darnedest to make one of CB7's UK gigs, it is a
> >nuisance
> >that around that time I am committed to a couple of projects from which
> >will be difficult for me to escape. If I am correct they will be playing
> >date in or near Jude's village which is not too far from me, if so that
> >the one I shall go to because Bristol is one hell of a schlep from my
> >house.
> We'll be looking for you John, and expect a sit in!!
> Bill "Slainte" Gunter
> Cell Block 7
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