[Dixielandjazz] messin around lyrics

Dave Miner dminer14 at juno.com
Tue Sep 16 02:19:56 PDT 2003

Hello...I found a discussion on this song via a search engine and I was
wondering if anyone there could help me determine if this is the same
song that I am looking for....A version that my blues band recorded was
from an apparently bootlegged Chess Records compilation  cd....there was
no author or artist listed with the cd...on this cd the song is listed as
Messin Round and the first few lines are;
I'm gonna cut you if you stand
Shoot you if you run
You've been messin with my woman
and I hope you had your fun
Messin round
You shouldn't do that messin round
You've been messin with my love 
and the word's all over town

It's really more late 40's early 50's sounding blues, so I doubt if it is
the same song,  however I'm hoping that one of your knowledegable members
will be able to identify the artist and songwriter of this song based on
the first verse that I typed out here....thanks, David

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