[Dixielandjazz] METHODS of PIANO TUNING

Janie McCue Lynch janie51 at socal.rr.com
Tue Sep 16 07:34:58 PDT 2003

In response to my question ..."do you  prefer a manual "ear"=0D
tuning or the use of an electronic device for "perfect"=0D
accuracy? Or a combination of the two? And why?"=0D
Andy wrote: "I'm not sure about modern electronic tuners, but my Dad had =
go with one 20+ years ago. The piano was tuned perfectly so all the littl=
lights flashed correctly. Then came=0D
the moment to play it - it sounded awful.=0D
The problem is that the intervals are not perfect"=0D
Thank you, Andy.  I transported a piano from Pennsylvania to California l=
year and have had it manually / aurally tuned twice now. I can still hear
inaccuracies, especially in the lower and upper registers, but two
particular keys in the mid registers.  =0D
I had the same tuner do it both times, with the assumption that he knew t=
instrument from the first tuning.  I am going to ask him if a third tunin=
would be beneficial, or would an electronic tuning be helpful.  OR does i=
need servicing beyond tuning. =0D
But I wanted some input from those who have professional experience in
playing and listening to their pianos all the time. =0D
Best regards, =0D
Jane Lynch=0D
janie51 at socal.rr.com=0D

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