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Jim: Like most of us schooled in English in the States, you and I learned to
use "An" before a word beginning with an H. To quote you..."An high
level..."   Current usage is changing, and several newspaper style books say
that using "a high level...rather than AN before  "high level" is
acceptable. Trouble is, when you have been "Ear-Trained" to use the older
style, it looks wrong when you read it. According to one source, we can
blame the Cockney accent for this AN rather than A before a word beginning
with H. That too, was a puzzlement, since Cockney's tended to drop the H
before some words beginning with it, and add one to words without it. An
example quoted was -- "My hear 'urts so much I can 'ardly 'ear with it."
Sadly, the truth is that localisms are what give all languages their unique
flavor. For anyone who has yet to visit Michigan's Upper Peninsula, you will
love the Yooper speak. It is a mix of
Swedish/Finnish/Cornish/Scots-Canadian,French-Canadian, and New England
Yankee twang. The mix is pure fun to hear, though to the first-timer it may
be a mind-blower. "It's aboot time ta say ya to da U.P, y'betcha, eh."
Unfortunately, today's bland radio/tv announcer-speak is taking over and
many localisms in this country are being lost.  When we all begin to talk
like TV anchors from Keokuk, Iowa, all is lost.
Viva la difference...while it lasts.
Don Ingle
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> Hollywood distorts our own  history as well as England's, Pat.
> An high level English barrister was here and said that the last thing that
> American courts wanted to get at was the truth.  The same thing can be
> of Hollywood...the last thing that Hollywood wants to portray is the
> Jim Beebe
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> > > Just think of it - that bastard William thumped the Anglo-Saxons in
> > >
> >   We wuz robbed!  We couldn`t field our best team because they had just
> > played a blinder at Stamford and their had been some injuries. Anyway,
> William only
> > just squeaked home by the odd goal.
> > I am sure that if Tom Cruise had come along to help, as he is apparently
> now
> > going to win the Battle of Britain for us the result would have been
> > different.
> > History as written by Hollywood.
> >  There were no Brits in Burma,
> > There were no Brits on the Normandy beaches
> > The Enigma machine was saved from a German U Boat by the Yanks.
> > Now, the latest insult. An American pilot, Billy Fiske, who in reality
> > only in combat about half a dozen times and never shot down a German
> aircraft
> > (although he did have a couple of `probables`) and crashed and died on
> 42nd
> > mission is being portrayed as the saviour of western civilisation. This
> a
> > time when there were no American squadrons and  less than a dozen
> > pilots in the RAF. C`mon chaps. Play a straight bat.
> >
> > Musical content. Its a sin to tell a lie.
> >
> > Cheers
> >
> > PatL
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