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> Just think of it - that bastard William thumped the Anglo-Saxons in 1066
  We wuz robbed!  We couldn`t field our best team because they had just 
played a blinder at Stamford and their had been some injuries. Anyway, William only 
just squeaked home by the odd goal.
I am sure that if Tom Cruise had come along to help, as he is apparently now 
going to win the Battle of Britain for us the result would have been 
History as written by Hollywood.
 There were no Brits in Burma, 
There were no Brits on the Normandy beaches
The Enigma machine was saved from a German U Boat by the Yanks.
Now, the latest insult. An American pilot, Billy Fiske, who in reality was 
only in combat about half a dozen times and never shot down a German aircraft 
(although he did have a couple of `probables`) and crashed and died on his 42nd 
mission is being portrayed as the saviour of western civilisation. This at a 
time when there were no American squadrons and  less than a dozen American 
pilots in the RAF. C`mon chaps. Play a straight bat.

Musical content. Its a sin to tell a lie.



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