[Dixielandjazz] Info Wanted Pentastic, BC Jazz Festival

Len Nielsen lennielsen at telus.net
Sat Sep 13 23:16:07 PDT 2003

Hi Bob

The following is contact info:

Pentastic Jazz Festival Society
P.O.Box 20068
Penticton BC
V2A 8K3

Phone 250 770 DIXI (3494)
Fax   250 493 5556

Web site www.pentasticjazz.com

President Michael Campbell
VP        Ben Amos

The festival was just held on the past weekend and I had the opportunity 
to say hello to Bob Williams (list mate) who appeared with Sister Swing, 
together with Bonnie Otto(listmate), Otis Mourning and Dave Johnson. It 
was good to see that part of Wooden Nickel together however briefly. I 
missed meeting Bonnie though. I had hoped to get a DJML button from her 
and will now have to wait for next year.

For those who are not familiar with the Province of British Columbia and 
the Okanagan Valley this has been the driest year for some decades and 
we have had some very serious forest fires this year. At the time of the 
Pentastic Jazz Festival we had approximately 700 separate fires burning 
  in BC. One of the largest was in the Kelowna area about 50 miles north 
of Penticton. This fire stretched south to within about 15 miles from 
Penticton and burned 245 homes as well as some 8 to 12 historic railroad 
  trestles from the old Kettle Valley Railroad Line. The railroad has 
been gone for many years but the trail has been used for multi 
recreation purposes over the past years and means a large capital outlay 
for rebuilding and loss of tourist revenue until such reconstruction is 

There were smoky conditions in Penticton, daily, during the festival and 
much activity with water bombers coming and going constantly.

Len Nielsen
Victoria BC

Robert S. Ringwald wrote:

> Can someone tell me the name of the person in charge of the Pentastic Jazz
> Festival in BC?
> Bob
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