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The words would bear out "dream"

I had a dream, Dear.
You had one two.
Mine was the best dream
Because it was of you.
Come sweetheart, tell me
Now is the time.
You tell me your dream 
And I will tell you mine.

Ron L

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Dear Brian,
Regarding: >Small quibble: it's "You tell me your DREAM (singular).<
However, it appears on the following New Orleans records (Luis's forte)
as follows:
Tell Me Your Dreams.  Bunk's Brass Band (American Music.1945).
You Tell Me Your Dream. Eureka Brass Band (Folkways. 1951)
You Tell Me Your Dreams.    Paul Barbarin and His Jazz Band. (Southland.
You Tell Me Your Dreams . George Lewis and His Orch (Verve. 1960).
You Tell Me Your Dreams. Jim Robinson's New Orleans Band (Atlantic.
I Had A Dream.  George Lewis and His New Orleans Jazz Band. (Col. J.
You Tell Me Your Dreams.  Albert Burbank's Band (Smokey Mary. 1969).
There are other records I have not verified.
Nor have I checked that it is the same tune in all cases.
Sorry to be even more picky.
Very kind regards,

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