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My CD player is vintage 1993, and no problems whatsoever, no matter where and how the CD is recorded.  But, then again, it is Sony.....

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A friend sent this to me...can this happen in this modern day of technology!! Is this possible? I thought all CD's were digital!!
Bob Romans

About your CDs: 
Have you ever had someone tell you that your cd's would not play in the cd player? 
My friend told me this, so I went over there with some cds that worked fine on my cd players. 
It seems his system is about 10+ years old. 
And ... sure enough they won't play! However, it will play stuff he has purchased. 
(talk about a critic!) 
Anyway, the guy at the recording studio said this often happens with older equipment. 
...it won't play computer generated cds. 
Have you heard of this? Everybody I know is old and therefore their equipment (ok, ok) 
is going to be old, as well. Which means nobody is going to have the chance to 
hear my cds and know how fabulous I am. 
Have you heard of this? 

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