[Dixielandjazz] Tour

Jim Marsh jimbanjo at telus.net
Thu Sep 11 15:37:06 PDT 2003

Hi Y'all,

	Having noticed posts advertising cruises, upcoming gigs, tours,
recordings, etc., since re-subscribing a few weeks ago, I have concluded that
rampant commercialism is still in vogue on DJML, therefore I have no guilt
feelings at all at all about asking members to visit our website at:


	 . . . and, amongst other things, to take a look at the Newsletter
which contains a link to our September 2004 Bavaria & Austria tour news.
Please check it out.  Hell . . . you can even go so far as to sign up if you
like!! :~}

	Fans of Grand Dominion will also be interested to read about our
realignment since the retirement of drummist Mike McCombe from the band.


Jim Marsh
Grand Dominion Jazz Band


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