[Dixielandjazz] Re: CB7 in Uk.....

Judy Eames jude at judyeames.co.uk
Thu Sep 11 10:37:00 PDT 2003

Bill Gunter wrote:

 > I'll be back in the UK in a month with the Cell Block 7 jazz band when
> be making a tour of pubs in the Bristol area.

Not to mention the village of Aston (near Witney)in Oxfordshire, where there
will be beer:-)

Any listmates who can get to the gig are invited to pay me the paltry sum of
£7 a ticket ..... let's see if we can raise enough cash to persuade them to
come  back next year!  Outline details of the grand tour are in this month's
Jazz Guide.

Judy Eames
Kaminsky Connection
Aston, Oxfordshire

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