[Dixielandjazz] Right Brain/left brain, etc.

Russ Guarino russg at redshift.com
Wed Sep 10 23:22:35 PDT 2003

The nail has been hit on the head.  You got it precisely and exactly right.

Russ Guarino

Bill Gunter wrote:

> Russ Guarino writ:
> >Also, remember, there are two types of musicians.  Those who are self
> >taught
> >and those who learn from a teacher.  From my experience teaching in the
> >high
> >school and a little college, the self taught players don't always play very
> >well, with a few exceptions. But, those musicians who are self taught are
> >using right brain from the first note, and the great ones obviously have a
> >heck of a talent, and might be lousy in math.
> Sounds familiar . . .
> I once played with a group of musicians assembled to play a birthday party
> for a friend. The group included symphonic players and jazz players. The
> birthday lady played flute in the local symphony and her husband is the
> leader of the dixieland band I'm in.
> I observed the following:
> 1. The symphonic musicians were technically a cut above the dixieland
> players in articulation, reading, and general mastery of their instrument.
> 2. The the jazz players were waaayyyy above the symphonic players in the
> ability to play without music and the ability to transpose.
> 3. When it came to playing the birthday song ("happy birthday tooo yooooo")
> the dixie players wanted to do it in F (the best key to sing it in) but the
> symphony players wanted to do it in A (the best key for violinists to play).
>   Since the dixie players could transpose it to A and the Symphonic players
> couldn't transpose it to F we played it in A.
> Conclusion:  Dixie players are Right brained creatures and Symphonic players
> are Left Brained.
> What does all of this tell us?
> Damned if I know!
> Cheers,
> Bill "I can't read but I can't improvise either - so where does this leave
> me" Gunter
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