[Dixielandjazz] A little diplomacy please

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Wed Sep 10 13:39:20 PDT 2003

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dingle at baldwin-net.com writes:

> >"What really makes me mad is that they do not recognise the basic fact 
> that
> one Englishman is worth three of any other country, and six in the case of
> the
> French."<
> So much for "equal validity." 

Thats the trouble with the written word, irony does not travel well.

 By the way, my spell checker notes that you
> don't know how to spell "realize"and "recognize.".

The trouble Don is that you do not realise or recognise the fact that your 
calculating machine is wrong in the first instance.
It should have a `Spelling corrector,` not a ..... sorry I cannot bring 
myself to perpetuate a term dreamed up by someone who built electric typewriters in 
a garage.


PatL :-)

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