[Dixielandjazz] Nicholas Payton

Janie McCue Lynch janie51 at socal.rr.com
Tue Sep 9 20:12:31 PDT 2003

Bill's description of the Payton / Cheatham CD is correct--it is exceptio=
I had the unexpected pleasure of seeing Nicholas Payton and Doc Cheatham
along with Jack Maheu and a pianist whose name I don't remember (But I am
sure that it wasn't Butch!) at an informal performance at the Louisiana
Music Factory, in New Orleans, shortly before Doc passed away. We had
skipped the Jazz Fest that day due to very heavy rain, wandered down Deca=
and sort of "fell into" this marvelous hour of music. It was such a treat=
Jane Lynch=0D
janie51 at socal.rr.com=0D
".... Doc Cheatam & Nicholas Payton on Verve C.D. 314 537 062 2 this C.D.=
exeptional with wonderful tunes and great musicians including the too mod=
Butch Thomson. Bill Salmond."=0D

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