[Dixielandjazz] Banjolene. What Is It?

Paul Reid whadayesay at webtv.net
Mon Sep 8 22:34:21 PDT 2003

<<Probably a small banjo body with four doubled strings, tuned and
played like a mandolin.>

I don't know if anyone has sufficiently answered this yet.
     Eddie Peabody fans can answer this one easily. Peabody invented
this one. It's somewhat similar to a  guitar body, somewhere between a
tenor and standard guitar size, with 4 strings tuned as a banjo played
electricaly with a pickup built in. He recorded several albums for Dot
ad Ranwood using this instrument exclusivly. It has a very mellow sound
to it, somewhat like a guitar, that doesn't even come close to the
harshness of the banjo.
Bob Draga might even accept this instrument, instead of a guitar. ( Just
don't tell him where it came from. )

Paul ("Deems") Reid

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