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Banjolene sounds to me like some kind of soothing ointment, like Trombolene
(Slide grease), Vasoline, Valvoline, K-Y JE...never mind!
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> >>>Check it out on Google.<<<
> I did, and nothing.

I did, too, and came up with this page:


which includes this paragraph:

"71358. Harry James and His Music Makers. July 27, 1945. Program #8. AFRS. A
band remote from The Thomas M. England General Hospital, Midlantic City, New
Jersey. The first tune is, "Carnival." Private Warren Bodin plays his own
invention, the
"Banjolene." The date is subject to correction. Harry James and His
Orchestra, Eddie
Dunn (announcer), Buddy De Vito (vocal), Corky Corcoran (tenor sax), Kitty
(vocal), Warren Bodin. 30:17. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete. "
Doesn't tell you what it is, but perhaps you can listen to it.
Larry Swain

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