Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 7 22:28:52 PDT 2003

Will wonders never cease. There is a new Jazz Night club opening soon in
Reading PA, USA. "JAZZ" 7 nights a week. The club, also serving dinner,
has a first rate stage set up, terrific sound, lights etc. Local bands
will play there on weekdays, and regional / national bands on the
weekends. Of course it features mostly "modern jazz" and/or "smooth
jazz." and/or "blues."

BUT on the GRAND OPENING Friday Night, October 10, 2003 -

The Barbone Street Jazz Band is booked to perform from 9 PM till
Midnight. (And will be paid a living wage)

What? OKOM at a REAL jazz club such as Sydney's, Zanzibar Blue,
Birdland, or some of the other top 100 Jazz clubs in the USA? Yes, it's
true, the younger generations who go night clubbing to hear JAZZ are
expected to come out, hear us, OKOM, and love it. Opening weekend no

The club owners heard us at the Berk's Jazz Festival this Spring, loved
what we did, and in their asking around the city about various jazz
bands the people liked, they came up with our name enough times so that
they booked us for the opening, and the for a repeat on December 2.
Berk's Jazz Fest questionnaires also favorably rated us, over many of
the 100 different groups that performed there this Spring. (10 day multi
venue smooth jazz festival)

This music has a YOUNG audience . . . if you seek it. And if enough of
us play it in night clubs and other places where that YOUNG audiences
are, we will prosper. OKOM will prosper also. And it is fun, as elder
statesmen, to play for young audiences that appreciate "JAZZ".  Those of
you who have seen my jpgs of young lovelies, our fans, know what I mean.

So, if you are in Southeastern PA on October 10, come see us at "VIVA",
in Reading PA. Make a reservation because the joint will be jammed, I
guarantee it. Gee, I better order some more beads. ;-)

Steve Barbone

PS. We are content to play at clubs such as these once a month so as not
to bore the audiences. And the club owners are smart enough to realize
that by having a very broad offering jazz wise, they will satisfy their
regular repeat dinner customers who see/hear different bands each time
they go there. However, I'll bet the club asks us to play there more
often by January 1, 2004, if not before. What then?

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