[Dixielandjazz] Who is that masked child?

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Sat Sep 6 23:30:30 PDT 2003

Harry James, of course.

Burt Wilson
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> Audrey wrote:

> I was spending a fun-filled evening at home last week, reading a Fall,
1929 Musical Enterprise magazine. This magazine features several pages of
notes on musical happenings sent in from correspondents in different parts
of the country. This particular note from fall of 1929 was sent in from a
correspondent in Hagerstown, MD.
> "Christy Brothers Circus showed here Sept. 5 with a good outfit and a
band. A feature to me of the whole show was Master James, 13-year-old son
the director. This boy played first chair trumpet with ease and accuracy."
> I don't think any of you require any help in figuring out the identity
young "master" James.

Am I dense or what?  Who was it?

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