[Dixielandjazz] Liszt (a little bit of Gottschalk, too)

Ittzés Tamás bohem at mail.datanet.hu
Thu Sep 4 11:22:37 PDT 2003

Dear folks,

This is not only OKOM but very much related, I think:

At last I am at the point when I can put my Liszt study (Franz Liszt's
Influence on Ragtime and Swing) on the web. I found this easier (for you)
than sending it as .doc attachements to the ones who are interested (and
this way, the Mac users can read it, too). SInce this is pretty big work for
me (changing the original text into .html files), only the first 8 (from 21)
chapters are on my web site as now. I am making progress with this day by
day, however (maybe not EVERYday).

I think, you find interesting things in this study, if you are interested
and have the time to read it. As I indicated earlier this year, this is MY
English translation and needs to be polished. That is the first reason, I
placed it on my web site. I still need those who volunteer to read it and
correct all possible mistakes (both in subject and grammar). Unfortunately
there is no budget to pay the proofreaders so you might get only the great
feeling of "I gave lotso' work to this dude" :-)) (maybe I can send you a CD
of mine in case you give me your address).

http://ittzes.bohemragtime.com/english/index.html takes you to directly to
my english home page and you just click on the 'Liszt Study' link there (or
follow http://ittzes.bohemragtime.com/english/contents.htm

I wrote this study in 1999 in Hungarian and haven't even finished the
English translation - footnotes are translated only in the first  6
chapters, so the rest of the footnotes are still missing. Anyway,
(proof)reading 8 chapters is enough for a start (and you can judge if you
are interested to read the rest at all).

By the way, I have redesigned (and updated) our Bohem Ragtime Jazzband web
site, too (actually, my personal site is a subdomain of it plus I created a
new Festival site of our March event). You find all these at
http:www.bohemragtime.com - please, let me know if you find anything good or
bad: criticism makes our site better (if I have time for the corrections).

Keep me posted. Thanks for reading all this,

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