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david richoux tubaman at batnet.com
Mon Sep 1 13:36:21 PDT 2003

Just a tip for all e-mail writers - many service providers now have 
built-in spam filters for their e-mail clients. If you mention certain 
words like "V*AGRA" in subject or text or if your e-mail address has an 
odd combination of letters and numbers your message will probably be 
filtered. I have not totally figured out  the filter system my provider 
has but I do know that it can be adjusted from aggressive to mild 

Anyway, Pismojazz.com is great and well worth a visit!

Dave Richoux

On Thursday, Aug 28, 2003, at 23:28 US/Pacific, Bill Horton wrote:

> I just took a peek at the NEW!, IMPROVED!, VITAMIN-ENRICHED!, 
> , V*A*RA-ADDED! Basin Street Regulars website at PismoJazz.com, and
> challenge anyone to cite one even in the neighborhood.  It has 
> everything
> from Jazz recipes to Jazz Haiku and a million, more or less, photos,
> including about 6 of Bob Ringwald in the 1998 album, one of Tommy Loy, 
> and
> DJMLer Paul Edgerton in there somewhere, and even one of yr. obt. svt. 
> in
> the 2001 album.
> This is a masterwork of Whoopee Zeckendorf, aka K.O. Eckland, and for 
> those
> of you familiar with K.O. that should be enough said.  Put aside about 
> an
> hour and enjoy!
> Bill Horton
> PismoJazz.com
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