[Dixielandjazz] Turk Murphy - Southern Stomps

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I got it as well, Mike. The concert referred to was on a Video produced by
Dick Miller, cornetist at the time with the Jazzin' Babies, and also on the
Rosie McHargue Stomp Off  "Oh How He Can Sing"  cassette and CD. Not aware
that a CD was made from the video. Dick lurks out thee in CA somewhere -- in
a better mood these days since Notre Dame got a new coach.
Don Ingle
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> Did anyone else get this?  Note both the "from" and "to" addresses.  I
> have no problem actually replying positively, as it's my intention
> someday soon to put the Stomp Off album on CD.  But the manner by which
> I received the request is interesting, to say the least.
> Mr Burns:  Care to be a little clearer as to whether your post was to me
> or to DJML?.......
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> > Hi,
> > My father is a long time Turk Murphy fan and is in search of the
> > entire CD version of the 1987 Carnegie Hall Tribute concert.  An
> > internet search has brought me to a message you wrote on Jan 23, 2003.
> > Do you know of the album I'm looking for?
> >
> > Thank you,
> >
> > Bryan
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