[Dixielandjazz] Richard Gere - Cotton Club / Was "Celebrity thread"

Tom Duncan tduncan at bellatlantic.net
Sun Nov 30 18:44:40 PST 2003

>>Butch Thompson wrote <snip> "I wonder how much of the sound track Gere
actually did on the "Cotton Club" ?<<

I contacted a friend, Dave Brown, who played trumpet with the band in the
film and he was pleased to share the following comments:

"Richard played trumpet in high school, and when offered the role in the
C.C., he was told that his playing would be dubbed in by a professional.
Gere, said that he would refuse the part, unless he could do all of his own
playing.  He took some refresher lessons with Warren Vache, and got his
chops back in to respectable shape.  Richard and I spoke a few times about
playing, and I tried his cornet, and visa versa.  Not too many people know
he is quite an accomplished pianist, and a very good bass player.  Overall,
he is a fine musician, as proven in the C.C, and in the movie Pretty Women
with Julia Roberts, he played piano on screen.  All of the music was re-done
in the studio, but Gere played all of his cornet, and piano parts in those
movies.  I have photos on the set in Vera's Club (C.C.) with shots of large,
maybe 8' x 10', sheets of music hanging on the back walls for Gere to follow
in that scene.  You may use my name quoting this info if you want to.

P.S.  By the way, for your information, the actor that Played Dutch Shultz
in the C.C. was also a very good clarinet player.  We jammed a bit on set."


Tom Duncan

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