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Hello List mates,

Lets up the stakes a bit :-) and say James Morrison, Australia's number one
trumpet player and highest earning multi-million dollar jazz musician had
the largest audience in the world when he opened the Sydney 2000 Olympic
Games on TV with about a Six Billion (or was it more?) audience playing his
own composition of the Australian National Anthem and hitting the highest
notes of any trumpet player (a gimmick for which he is famed).  He was in
the news again today causing an international incident by playing the wrong
anthem for the Spanish at the Davis Cup tennis match!!  The Spanish
threatened to walk off and demanded an apology from Australia.  Definite
jazz content with politics as well. :>)

Tom Wood

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> A little bit of wistful self-pity and, I hope, a lot of tongue in cheek,
> Steve. The ability to command a healthy cover charge is hardly the best
> gauge of significance in art. It may only speak to the price that people
> will pay to satisfy idle curiosity. Audience impact should not be
> measured by what comes in the door so much as by what goes out the door
> with them. I have never heard Woody Allen play, so I can't say much
> about whether he deserves his audience or not.   I dare say that you
> could stack up your own musical accomplishments against his in any
> number of ways and come out on top. Nor would you be the only list
> member who could.
> Steve Holzer
> Stephen Barbone wrote:
> >Put another way, Woody Allen has the largest audience of any OKOM
clarinet player
> >today. Especially live and on TV. At VERY high prices to hear him. At
least a $50
> >cover at the Carlyle Hotel in NYC, if not a $75 cover charge.
> >
> >Thus, Woody's clarinet art rules and the rest of us OKOM clarinetists are
pretty much
> >insignificant, by audience comparison. ;-)
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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