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Wed Nov 26 23:22:10 PST 2003

And does anybody know what Jack Pettis did later in life - he seems to have 
disappeared from the music scene in the early thirties and I can't find out 
anything much about him. One of the great hot sax players on the early 
Chicago scene......

Mike D.

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>Wim Mossel's mention of Dillon Ober sparked a quick memory trip -- about 
>one of the great drummers who disappeared into the movie studios in CA and 
>was rearely known outside of that arena in the years of large studio 
>orchestra staffs.
>Dillon Ober was a very nice man, looking as I recall a lot like Robert 
>Benchley. We used to go to visit at his place in the Valley not far from 
>our home, as dad and he had become good friends in the 30's through their 
>mutual friend Owm Downes, another of the unsung but superb drummers who had 
>shared the stand with dad for much of the 1930's on the Ted Weems band. 
>Dillon and Orm and dad often gathered to socialize when not working, and 
>Dillon's home was often the site of poker parties, bar b q's and a pleasant 
>place to visit.
>I learned by listening to his desciptions of working with the great musical 
>directors of Hollywood and how they underscored the films, a very technical 
>and criticallly timed
>They would also tell war stories from the big band days and talk about the 
>players they'd come up with in the business. So the mention of Dillon Ober 
>on that Jack Pettis 1928 recording brought a quick flood of pleasant 
>recollections about one of the giants (among many other drummers) but also 
>one of the least known by the general public. If others have memories of 
>Dillon Ober, Warren Vache, maybe) please add theirs to this quick post.   
>Dank U, Wim!
>Don Ingle
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