[Dixielandjazz] Castle Jazz Band

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Sun Nov 23 13:13:26 PST 2003

Dear friends,
A few of you will recall the Castle Jazz Band and their records made in
1947-1950 and issued on Castle and English Tempo 78s.
They have never been reissued  on LP or CD to my knowledge.
Until now.
John Buchanan (author of "Emporer Nortons Hunch, The Story  of Lu Watters
Yerba Buena Jazz Band") and Peter Wolstoneholme have just done it.
Now available on B&W Music BWCD-16.
There are 20 tunes on the CD which covers Castle 2 to 9 and Castle 12 and 13
plus "High Society" from the Decca release from the 7 Oct 1949 Dixieland
Missing are the 2 versions of Castle 1 (originally unnumbered and involving
3 tunes and 2 pressings), Castle 14 and 15 and the 4 Lee Stafford piano
solos Castle 10 & 11).
I once read (somewhere) that the Castle 78s have never been reissued because
that contained recording faults. It they did have any, Peter Wolstoneholme
has done a wonderful transfer job.
Highly recommended.
This is an unsolicited rave and I have no connection with this reissue other
than that John B and Peter W are mates of mine and deserve support for the
great boost their B&W CDs are giving to Australian jazz.
Kind regards,

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