[Dixielandjazz] Web sites re-dux

Nancy Giffin nancyink at ulink.net
Fri Nov 21 18:10:59 PST 2003

List mates,

"Mike Marois" <MikeMarois at HireLiveMusicians.com> wrote:
<<... I started my network of sites to help bands that want a presence on
the web but don't have a lot of cash or design expertise...>>
<<... Let me know what you all think of this way to promote Live Music!>>

Please read Mike's last post in its entirety and then visit:

Mike has done all the brainstorming and developing of this great idea;
all that's needed now is YOU! (And an exterminator for the few bugs he
claims need to be worked out.) I'd like to see this idea take off overnight.

I believe we're entering a new age wherein: "I link, therefore I am." ;)
Mike is offering a fantastic opportunity for musicians to network.
He's done all the hard work; your part (the data entry) is the easy part.
Do yourself and others a favor by checking it out.
The more musicians participating, the more valuable the network.
Go, Mike!

Love and hugs,

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