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Fri Nov 21 10:50:49 PST 2003

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> How bout when you blister the
> paint off the walls playing a great solo with no applause, and some other
> player during the same tune screws up his solo, gets lost, messes up the
> then he gets loads of applause? Any others out there?
> Tom Loeb

Aahhh...Tom. You have hit on one of the mysteries show business.  Applause?
I have often heard better groups get less applause than lesser groups.  I"ve
heard good soloists in a group get less applause then  lame ones.  Louis
Armstrong usually got less applause then anyone in his group. Louis would
get applause for his vocals but nothing for his marvelous trumpet playing.
Bob Scobey would play some wonderful trumpet and get less applause then
others in the group.  His style was not a frantic high note style.

I use all of the bove to justify the meagre applause that would follow my
solo work.

Jim Beebe

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