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> My peeve is Trumpet players who play loudly all the time but still insist 
> upon haveing a Microphone to blow their brains into

The problem sited above is not with the instrument, but with the player.  As 
a trumpet player, I use a microphone on most "bandstand" gigs.  In fact, we 
play a Dixieland Sunday Brunch at the Adam's Mark in Buffalo, NY.  The setting 
is very quiet, not typical for a driving, raucous Dixieland Band.  It is our 
job to be energetic, entertaining, musical and not "too loud."  Guess what...I 
use a mic.  Not all the time, not for volume (I've been told I can peel paint 
down to the original coat at times if I wanted to, and don't need any 
amplification help) but for effect.  Along with the trombone player, we share the mic 
and use it with both open, as well as, muted playing.  The mic is there 
primarily for vocals, but we absolutely do use it for the horns.  

It is up to the instrumentalist to use amplification correctly.  A true 
musician, one who plays musically as well as technically, will use a microphone to 
enhance his/her performance.  It took me years to learn and understand this.  
But if I can do it successfully, others can as well.  

Lewis D. Custode, Jr., CLU, ChFC
Bourbon Street Brass
Buffalo, NY
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