[Dixielandjazz] Claude Trenier- R.I.P.

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Hey John,
    The Treniers (a family act that began when twins Cliff and Claude--born
in 1919-- were singing with the Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra) -- were at the
very BEGINNING of rock and roll -- not only were they a very popular lounge
act in Vegas, Atlantic City, etc. --they were one of the BEST! Their big hit
in the 50s was "Go, Go, Go" and they were in several of the early
rock-n-roll movies like "Don't Knock the Rock" and "House Party Tonight".
   Here's a link to Claude's obituary in the Las Vegas R-J:

P.S. Saxophonist/Musical Director Don Hill is the only surviving member of
original Treniers act -- and I have him playing on CD with Louis Armstrong!

Sorry to be the bringer of yet another obituary....Las Vegas is losing its
legends nearly every day (Carl Fontana, Frankie James, Claude Trenier)
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> Probably because I'm an Englishman I've never heard of this gentleman.
> the greatest of respect to the circumstances what was his claim to fame?
> John Farrell
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> > Claude Trenier passed away Nov. 17th. at 11 PM. No word on funeral other
> > than he will cremated and buried in Los Angeles. May be a ceremony in
> > Las Vegas later.
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