[Dixielandjazz] Freezing Trumpets

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Wed Nov 19 16:42:34 PST 2003

Jim: last night I saw some 'ladies of the night' huddled in doorways, 
stamping their feet to try and keep warm. Were these possibly freezing 

Mike ("Just passing by, Officer") Durham.

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> > Well Steve, before I moved up to a Flip Oakes Wild
> > Thing I had a Conn Connstellation. The Conn always
> > seemed to be a bit stuffy in the upper range when I
> > was playing lead. (I know Maynard played one in the
> > 60s and he didn't seem to have any problems but that
> > just proves he is an aboration.:P ) I had it frozen
> > and I could immediately tell the difference in the
> > tone. There seemed to be more response through-out the
> > entire range of the horn. Now by printing this article
> > to the DJML you have destroyed my placebo and I will
> > just go back to being a mediocre lead player straining
> > to get that double-G.
> >
> >
> > Dave "Used to have a solid G" Livingston
>I know Wayne Tanabe, the brass technician -repairman mentioned in the
>article.  I had a lot of repair work done by him in the past as he is good
>with trombones as well as trumpets.  Wayne is completely ethical and
>knowedgeable and would never offer a process like cryogenics  unles he had
>completely researched it.  If Wayne Tanabe offers if then  there is
>something to it, in my opinion.  Plus, he likes dixieland  jazz.  Wayne's
>shop, the Brass Bow, is in Arlington Heights, a northwestern suburb of
>Jism Beebe
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