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> Well Steve, before I moved up to a Flip Oakes Wild
> Thing I had a Conn Connstellation. The Conn always
> seemed to be a bit stuffy in the upper range when I
> was playing lead. (I know Maynard played one in the
> 60s and he didn't seem to have any problems but that
> just proves he is an aboration.:P ) I had it frozen
> and I could immediately tell the difference in the
> tone. There seemed to be more response through-out the
> entire range of the horn. Now by printing this article
> to the DJML you have destroyed my placebo and I will
> just go back to being a mediocre lead player straining
> to get that double-G.
> Dave "Used to have a solid G" Livingston

I know Wayne Tanabe, the brass technician -repairman mentioned in the
article.  I had a lot of repair work done by him in the past as he is good
with trombones as well as trumpets.  Wayne is completely ethical and
knowedgeable and would never offer a process like cryogenics  unles he had
completely researched it.  If Wayne Tanabe offers if then  there is
something to it, in my opinion.  Plus, he likes dixieland  jazz.  Wayne's
shop, the Brass Bow, is in Arlington Heights, a northwestern suburb of

Jism Beebe

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