[Dixielandjazz] Jazz Tribute bands - was ODJB

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 18 10:04:33 PST 2003

That's not exactly what I'm talking about John. You proved my point. Do  a
tribute, people will come. In a single shot, or festival date. But try and do
continuing club date with "tribute" format. The mass audience will not be there
for you on a continuing basis.

And I'm talking about re-creation, not, for example, using Sinatra's name to
draw people. "Retro garbage" is very different from a John Petters Band playing
"Fly Me To The Moon".


john petters wrote:

> Steve said
> > Want to sell a CD to the blue hairs? Do a tribute. Sell nostalgia, not
> jazz.
> > There is always small audience for retro garbage. BUT, there is no live
> audience
> > for it as a viable live music form. Levinson and Kellso do not work live
> in that
> > form or in a band together steadily. And copy cat tributes do very little,
> if
> > anything, to advance the musical form
> Again Steve I think you are off beam. I've just returned from our second
> SELLOUT William Shakespeare Jazz festiavl in the Bard's birth place. We did
> tributes to Bix, Ory, Louis, Sinatra, amongst the general sessions.

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