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> > From: "Mike Durham" <mikedurham_jazz at hotmail.com> wrote (polite snip)
> >
> > Tom: far from chastisement, British and European audiences are DESPERATE
> > see and hearr anyone playing OKOM who is  black, and especially young
> > black. We are desperately keen to see any African-Americans returning to
> > music their forefathers created. So three cheers for Nicholas Peyton and
> > others like him, even two and a half cheers for Wynton Marsalis. In
fact, we
> > are so keen on this, we will make all sorts of allowances:
> Hey Mike:
> Give all those British and European promoters the name Barbone Street. We
have a
> mixed race band. The trumpet lead is Black, and the youngest man in the
band at 55.
> We can gig over there for about 3 weeks max because of other commitments
here at
> home. In another month we will not be able to do it at all because we will
be fully
> booked here by then.
> Special deal price, 6 pieces, is $10,000 US $ per week plus hotel, 2 meals
per day,
> European travel and round trip airfare from Philadelphia PA USA. You can
view band
> personnel on our web site. Prefer last 3 weeks of August, when we have no
> pre-existing Jazz Festival commitments, or higher dollar gigs yet.

  That is a hell of a deal.  You are going to work in Europe a lot.

> We can always add more Blacks, but then it wouldn't be the same band. ;-)

   But can you subtract Blacks or would that be politically dicey.

> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone

> http://home.earthlink.net/~barbonestreet/
> PS. Nicholas Payton has defected to "modern" jazz. And Wyntom, believe it
or not, is
> starting to play very precise, arranged ensemble and arranged solo OKOM.
Good grief,
> he is stealing from ODJB, only this time doing it a lot better. ;-)
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