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> > > "Trad Revival" of the 1950s and 1960s. I think a lot of that stuff
created a
> >
> > backlash from the boppers and others that is detrimental to OKOM to this
> > very day.
> >
> Black musicians have always been forced to stay on the cutting edge of
> and constantly reinventing their music just to make a living playing
> because anything they made popular soon went over to the other 88% of the
> American population and got a much larger audience with greater purchasing
> which bought white artists playing similar music.  It is simply a case of
> and traceable historical facts if you look in the right places for the
> information rather than make it up as you go to justify what has happened
time and
> time again.   I just read about Elvis Presley being discovered as a White
> which  made a lot of former race record songs quickly acceptable to the
> mainstream white audiences and radio stations that would never play them
when they
> were
> Black.

   Jesus...where are you getting this stuff, Tom?  Are you on Ken Burns and
Stanley Crouch's mailing list?
Elvis Presley a White Negro?

> The Book,  The Death of Rhythm & Blues,  by Nelson George  a Plume Book
> Another enlightening book for you :  "The Apollo"  History of the Fabeled
> Black Theater.
> Next I suppose someone will write that Eminem created Rap music, with his
> buddy Vanilla Ice.  Or maybe it was DC Talk.  The winners write the
> books, always have and always will.
> Cheers,
> Tom Wiggins

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