[Dixielandjazz] Just an Alabama...

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Mon Nov 17 17:49:27 PST 2003

Dan asked, and Jim B. answered........

 Dan, I don't beleive that 'Nigger' was necessarily a deragatory term
ago.  It was in early usage simply a word to denote people of dark skin.
The same goes for 'darkie.'

And, I add......

My Mother married a St. Pete, Florida fella (a native of Florida) who
used those terms all the time, but with no particular meaning to them as
far as I could gather.  They certainly weren't used in a derogatory
manner by him.  

My kids today are shocked that I refer to "blacks" as Negroes....as
being of the Negroid race.  
That was the term used when I used to live in the States.  Each era
seems to have its own proper terms that should be used.  And, of course,
my "phrases" are somewhat stuck in the 1950's.


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