[Dixielandjazz] Re: The education of Bill Biffle

glen page gpage at direct.ca
Sun Nov 16 12:46:58 PST 2003

Nobody has mentioned the most important people of all to listen to. If you
wish to succeed surely you have to listen to the people that you are playing

Even an accomplished musician would not fit into a band if he/she did not
play in the style of the band.Perhaps Bill should determine what type of
OKOM he wants to play and then he can determine where to get his lessons
from. As he becomes comfortable, and competent, in that area then he will be
able to branch out and if necessary move to other musicians to play with if
his original colleagues' music does not fit with his then current ideas.

This is not written by a musician, but I do listen a lot.

Cheers, Glen.

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