[Dixielandjazz] Cornet Education for Bill Biffle

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> On Sunday, Nov 16, 2003, at 08:04 US/Pacific, Adaywayne at aol.com wrote:
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> > One might do well to read Sudhalter's book to get a proper perspective
> > on the
> > contribution of non-blacks.
> >
> Has anybody on the list read the book "Cats of Any Color: Jazz, Black
> and White" by Gene Lees? I just saw it listed on the Amazon site and it
> seems to possibly be a good companion to "Lost Chords."
> (like new copies available for $4 US might tell me something but I will
> take the chance ;-)
> Dave Richoux

  Gene Lees was the editor of Downbeat magazine some years ago. I'm curious
about this book. $4.00 new? Is it a paperback?

 Jim Beebe

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