[Dixielandjazz] Cornet Education for Bill Biffle

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Sat Nov 15 22:49:07 PST 2003

And playing today in Europe: Enrico Tomasso (who at age 8 played for Louis 
in his dressing-room in England), Bent Persson, Mike "Magic" Henry, Paul 
Lacey, Bruce Adams, Digby Fairweather, Andy Woon, Tom Goosen, Ken Sims, 
Roland Pilz, Renee Hagmann........and a hundred others. These guys are all 
pretty important too (and a lot less opinionated than Mr Marsalis!) but I 
still think that Bill would be best advised to study a smaller number of the 
great guys from the 20's/30's whose work has stood the test of time (and did 
anyone mention Berigan?).

Mike D.

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>Bill you got a lot of great Trumpet players to emulate, but they left out
>some very important ones that are playing today.
>They ignored Wynton Marsalis, Kermit Ruffins, Nichlas Payton, Roy Hargrove,
>Irvin Mayfield, Calvin Owens, Ted Kurson, Milton Baptiste, Dwayne Burns, 
>Thomas, Kevin Louis, Brice Miller, Raymond Jones, James Andrews, Ernest
>Johnson Jr., Frank London, Jeanne Snodgrass, Tyrus Chapman, Tannon 
>Williams, Derrick
>"Kabuki" Shezbie, Barney Floyd, Gregory Davis, Efrem Towns, Lester Bowie,
>E.J. Allen, Gerald Brazel, Tony Barrero, Kenneth Terry,and Glen Andrews.  
>for starters, and a host of other Great Black American Jazz Trumpet players 
>in New Orleans where it all began.
>Tom Wiggins
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