[Dixielandjazz] Kaye & Chuck's commercial

Kaye Wade kayewade at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 11 14:34:26 PST 2003

In case anyone is interested  :

I have a Sony Play Station 2 Commercial starting on Nov. 20th. I got to
do some wire work as I morph from an old lady into a young girl who
kicks butt with Karate guys & then morphs back into me.  Don't know if
it will be cartoon or what.

Chuck Hicks has a CVS Pharmacy commercial coming out too. He's with
another "Old Guy" and the cop tells them to get out of there. So they
get on their Skateboards & ride off. Chuck will be 76 in Dec.  so you
see, old dogs do learn new tricks ( he had 3 days to learn to skateboard
even after 3 interviews & he kept telling them "NO - I don't know how to
skateboard!" They just kept insisting, so he did.

Kaye Wade
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