[Dixielandjazz] For London jazzers only

AAngusallan at aol.com AAngusallan at aol.com
Mon Nov 10 17:29:40 PST 2003

Forgive me, listers, for being parochial.  I would like to know if anyone on 
the London jazz scene during the fifties and sixties has any record of what 
happened to Uncle John Renshaw, who played briefly with me.  Unique, he 
described himself to me as "The last of the Bohemiums (sic) dear boy."  Also, where is 
that cracking trumpet man Mike Atkins?  May I span the globe and go to 
Melbourne, Australia?  My most splendid partner in the front line was Dick Tattam, 
trumpet.  I have a tape of his Aussie band, 
but where is he now?  Salutations to one and all, jazzers everywhere - Angus 

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