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Luis Daniel Flores luda at arnet.com.ar
Tue Nov 11 15:19:21 PST 2003

Here the list of  my collection (with some of the musician who recorded

-the world is waiting for the sunrise
-on the sunny side of the street
-that lucky old sun
-sitting the sun (Armstrong)
-the sunshine of love (Armstrong)
-Sun (J. Doods)
-when the sun sets down south (bechet)
- you are my sunshine
-blues before sunrise (Antigua jazz band Argentina)
-sun valley jump (G. Miller)
-sunshine(J. Venutti)
-at sundown (Spanier)
-sunrise sunset (dukes of Dixieland)
-dip your brush in the sunshine (T. Lewis)
-after me the sun goes down (J. Robichaux)
-sunset cafe stomp (Lu Waters)
-sun flower slow drag (Scott Joplin)
-sunrise serenade (B. Hacket)
-Sunny disposich (B, Beidebercke)
-another kentucky sunset
-east of the sun (T. Dorsey)
-I got the sun in the morning (S. Kenton)
-blues at the sunrise (Albert king)
-I am gonna call you as soon the sun goes down (A:King)
-sun rising blues (Joe turner)
-the midnight sun will never set (mingo martino)

Luis Daniel Flores

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