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As someone spelling-challenged, you might avail yourself of the 
Merriam-Webster Web site (m-w.com) for help.



and it comes up with this list of possibilities for correct spelling:

    	 1. phenomena
    	 2. phenomenal
    	 3. phenomenas
    	 4. phenomenon
    	 5. phenomenally
    	 6. funnymen
    	 7. Feynman
    	 8. funnyman
    	 9. forenamed
    	10. forenames

Click on any one for its definition.

You can also go to google and enter your version of the word.

In this case, the first response from google is

	Did you mean: phenomena  

So you have the advantage of SUSPECTING that you're misspelling a 
word.  Those two resources should set you straight in miroseconds.

All the best,

Larry Swain

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> Sorry, I was trying to spell check phanomana & accidently sent my last
> message to the List with the incorrect spelling.
> How in the hell do you spell it anyway?

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