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In response to the one negative post about the full moon topic having nothing to do with jazz, I suggest these musical connects.
Blue Moon, 
Moon Over Miami
Moonlight Serenade
Moonlight Cocktail
Give Me A June Night, the Moonlight, And You

I could go on but I don't want to. So there, too.
Don Ingle

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  Don, last month while playing a gig, in Carbondale, a guy from the local Radio station (a rock station) asked if I knew any "old timers" from the aspen area. I replied that Walt Smith was a dear friend. He brought me a Cd of Walt, with Freddie. Kings on it. He found the tapes in his grandmothers attic, in Aspen. My point: would you like more information or perhaps a copy of it? I'd be happy to send you one. Walt also asked about your email address. He would like to talk to you about coming in for his "Roaring Fork Jazz Party", as a player of course.

  Bob Craven
  bcraven24 at comcast.net

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