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> But to throw out the symphony - NO!! What has to be done is to provide good
> education of young people so that they grow to appreciate the joys of
> quality music regardless of form. This is a difficult task but if we want to
> keep music as a viable art form (meaning able to support itself), we must
> accomplish this task.
> Excuse the rant;  

No it is dead on and I agree with you.

Hi Stan: and all.

Darn I have mis spoke myself again in my haste to reply to the post this a.m. 
  Sorry, I do tend to do that sometimes.   On the good side however it 
promoted an excellent response from you and no doubt others that will agree with 
you.   More interesting than the pineapple chord, :)

I agree with your statement to the fullest, except maybe if they want to be 
educated about     Rap.   :)

I do not of course mean to literally THROW OUT THE SYMPHONIES, only the bad 
ones that never attract enough customers to even keep the orchestra warm.

If they were not corporate and government supported most of them would have 
been gone long ago.  I have always maintained that they could be successful and 
attract audiences if only the folks who are in charge of them had any idea at 
all about management and marketing to go out and get an audience.  When a 
major Jazz Singer or instrumentalist is called in to be the guest and they change 
the repertoire to suit a much broader audience base than their typical 
sponsorship list they can and do often sell out a show.

It is my feeling that every time that symphony does not have a full house 
they should get somebody out with the school busses and fill them up with 
children and senior citizens who cannot afford the tickets and bring them in for 
FREE.  At least that way we could all see our Tax dollars actually working for 
everyone rather than just supporting the mostly upper class with a private 
orchestra and multi million dollar facility.

 I have nothing against a GOOD Symphony Orchestra and I have actually been 
involved in producing some fine Symphony recordings back in the 1970s and sold 
all of them too I might add.

One with Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops, and one with Morton Gould & London 
Phiharmonic, and another with Walter Suskind & The London Philharmonic.

The Fiedler was a joy and I enjoyed working on the project, the other two 
bored me to tears as they were simply not my kind of music.  However as the 
critic above has stated, they had their individual voices for their works and I of 
course respected that.

Cheers, and I stand corrected on my earlier hasty post  reply.

Tom Wiggins

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