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Amen to all of that, Tom!  

The Albuquerque Sweet Adeline chorus - over 100 women strong (and quite a few strong women, too!) - gave a show in September to raise money for their trip to the International convention and competition.  Our band provided interlude music (played the crowd in and out, played a short set and played during intermission).  It went over great!  We really got the crowd going for them.  We even accompanied a quartet on Tin Roof Blues.

The next afternoon was the monthly Rio Grande Jazz Society jam, so we invited the women's quartet to be our guest there (we were the "feature" band).  They sang a couple of a capella numbers and we did TRB again together.  The jazz fans loved them and the barbershoppers loved us.  It's the same music (1870 to 1930 +/-).  We play 'em and they sing 'em.

Bill Biffle
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  Hi Bill:

  Great, like I said  having them included and invited to any Jazz event could not hurt either organization and only make for more musical diversity but all still OKOM.

  There is strength in numbers, and numbers are falling in Traditional Jazz Societies, It is my contention that the more cross promotion and media exposure for all related art forms the better it is for everyone.

  The more quality events folks would have to attend and go away with their money's worth and musical fix every time.

  This used to be a great Party Nation, it's time we went back to that and got away from the doom and gloom of Television.



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