[Dixielandjazz] Regina Carter plays "Il Cannone" in NYC.

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> Paganini, by all accounts, was not a genteel character. His performances
> were so showy and overwhelming that spectators believed his arm was
> guided by the devil.
> It's too bad that when Paganini's violin finally got into Ms. Carter's
> hands, no one would suspect the same thing.

Apparently Jon Pareles did not read the previous post about the restrictions 
regarding material that were placed upon Regina before giving her permission 
to Play the instrument.   

Another  under informed or uninformed critic at large,  Did anyone ever ask 
him if he ever heard Paganini play the instrument? if he did not then his 
critique is without merit with this statement in my opinion.  

Quickly bartender prepare the  critic another double vinegar martini !  


Tom Wiggins

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