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> A shorter cornet...IMHO...also, I can tell the diff. in the sound getting
> back to me faster, at least it SEEMS that way! Easier to play with a plunger
> too! To me, my Benge 8X is the end-all for shepherd's crook bells. I bought
> from Tommy Loy about 5 years ago, had it replated, and I've never been
> happier with a cornet. BTW! Conn has the new(5 years old?) shepherd's crook
> Connstellation cornet patterned after the English brass band cornets, ask
> Jan Nichols about them at;  hotjazzcornet at earthlink.net
> They are great cornets too!
> FWIW...
> Bob Romans
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Aah come on Bob:
 Cornet and Trumpet players never have Humble Opinions especially if they are 
band leaders, :)   Humbled a lot yes,  or is it intimidated by superior non 
musicians  getting all the attention on non musical inventions like washboards 
and drums? But never their opinions. :)

You like the Shephard's Crook for many other reasons,

 #1 it goes well with your sheepherders outfit.

#2.  It brings the volume of the horn closer to your ears with the shortness 
so you can hear yourself and drown out the damned amplified washboard trying 
to solo all through the songs.  Not to mention those double belled Euphoniums 
on either side of you.  :)

#3  The Sheep respond to it better from yonder valley as well.

#4    It is not as loud at a distance and does not carry far enough for your 
next door neighbors to hear it and complain from twenty miles away.  :)

It also probably has some deep seated inner meaning of association with the 
name of your band (Cell Block Seven)  and your former occupation as a Crook. :) 
  Is it true you got sent up to the Big House for stealing  sweethearts?  Or 
perhaps it was Tarts.   :)


Tom Wiggins

"In your face music"

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