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A shorter cornet...IMHO...also, I can tell the diff. in the sound getting
back to me faster, at least it SEEMS that way! Easier to play with a plunger
too! To me, my Benge 8X is the end-all for shepherd's crook bells. I bought
from Tommy Loy about 5 years ago, had it replated, and I've never been
happier with a cornet. BTW! Conn has the new(5 years old?) shepherd's crook
Connstellation cornet patterned after the English brass band cornets, ask
Jan Nichols about them at;  hotjazzcornet at earthlink.net
They are great cornets too!
Bob Romans
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OK, I'll admit it.  I want a cornet with a shepherd's crook.  The Puje is a
very interesting twist on all of that.  But could someone tell me, what does
the shepherd's
crook produce that straight pipe doesn't.
Best wishes,
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Just outside Chicago, listening to Jim Beebe, Franz Jackson and company on
"High Society"  Great stuff!!!!

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