[Dixielandjazz] Another view of "Tribute" Bands/ Ory Tribute CD

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Tue Nov 4 10:15:10 PST 2003

Bad bands! Tell me about it: we used to do a  lot of work for an agent in 
the wilds of Northumbria, from house-parties to Hunt Balls. Then she stopped 
booking us. When I asked her why, she said she'd found another band that 
charged half what we did - she admitted they weren't very good, but she 
could still charge her clients the same AND NOBODY NOTICED THE DIFFERENCE IN 

Also like to compliment John Petters on his tireless work to keep promoting 
and playing OKOM in the UK, not just with his own band(s) but also providing 
work for many others: now he DOES know the difference between good bands and 

Mike D

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>Steve said
> > What's killing jazz is bad jazz bands. My wife just returned from a
> > business trip to a major city in New York State. (Not NYC) First thing
> > she said tonight 5 minutes ago was: "I heard the worst Dixieland Band
> > ever last night at the" --------------. (A major convention / hotel /
> > show) "And you know if I recognize it as bad, then it really was bad."
> > That's what's killing jazz, especially OKOM. Since Eddie Condon's death,
> > folks have been conditioned to think that bad music is Dixieland Jazz
> > and they don't like it. Can you blame them?
> >
>Most of my career has been in tribute bands. I've done Bechet, Fats,
>Goodman, Bix, Oliver, Morton, Bing, and just recorded an Ory tribute, which
>I'm rather pleaed with. I used Cuff Billett on trumpet, Mike Pointon,
>trombone, young James Evans on clarinert & tenor sax, Martin Litton, piano,
>Tim Phillips, guitar (yes guitar NOT the almost obligatory banjo), Keith
>Donald, bass. For the curious there is a mono compressed mp3 on my home
>page. www.traditional-jazz.com
>Lets face it we are in rep these days. None of my bands are clones, but we
>always attempt to capure the feel of the music, but put our own stamp on
>it.And we don't use obnoxious rock beats or other modern gadgetry.
>The main criteria is high quality jazz from top class musos.
>John Petters
>Amateur Radio Station G3YPZ
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