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Amen, Tom & Steve. Burns had its good and bad sides, but sure gave us some 
visibility otherwise denied us by the major media. And we've played in 
Spain, France and Italy the last two years, great fun (tho a lot of 
organisation needed). We even got to play in the USA last year - selling you 
guys your own music!!
On the other hand, we have hosted the 10th avenue and Natural Gas bands, 
will host the Black Eaglres in 2004 and hope to get the Yerba Buena Stompers 
over in 2005. It's a wonderful world


P.S. we will also entertain the Bratislava Hot Serenaders (great 13-piece 
20's style hot dance band from Slovakia) in 2004: cheaper airline travel is 
a great thing!

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> > . Of course, it
> > doesn't hurt to mention beforehand that these were jazz legends as seen 
> > the
> > "Ken Burns Jazz Show", a few years ago.
> >
> > As I said a few days ago. IMO the climate for jazz growth (audience
> > popularity)
> > in the USA is as good or better than it has been for the past 50 years. 
> > hope
> > that after hearing opportunity knock, we will answer the door.
> >
> > After all, I'm just a hack clarinet player having the time of my life.
> > Imagine
> > what the really talented players could do.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Steve Barbone
> >
> >
>Many on the list hated and criticizes the Ken Burns series, and while there
>were controversial parts in the series, it did jump start the Jazz market 
>this country and gave it an even greater International Boost in popularity.
>Some of us appreciate it and went out and became more visible in the
>marketplace, got creative and expanded our own personal goals and horizons 
>performing the music.
>How do we know if it works?  Well, I have been promoting my show to Poland
>which is a very lucrative Jazz market for US acts, for five years now, and
>finally got them to invite us over this next summer and guess what Saint 
>Celestial Brass Band will headline a large open air New Orleans Festival 
>in July 2004, and we have never been within 1000 miles of Poland that I
>recall.   We had an offer to go there four years ago but the country was 
>drastically that year and the events were canceled.   Fortunately they
>remembered us because we keep promoting and letting them know when we are 
>going on
>Hard work you bet, but the rewards are outstanding as is the adventure of
>touring and visiting and making many new friends through music that we 
>never do sitting at home being plumbers, or carpenters.   We are indeed 
>blessed to
>be able to do what we do.
>Tom Wiggins
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